Fingerpicking Intensive - Take Your Fingerpicking to the Next Level with Guidance from Lauren

What is the Fingerpicking Intensive?

10-weeks of small group classes with Lauren diving into Fingerpicking exercises from her course and songs to help you develop your fingerpicking skills.

Having trouble with a specific exercise in Lauren's course? No problem, go live with Lauren every week to get your questions answered.

Wish you could have someone guiding you through the learning process of popular fingerpicking songs? 

Now you can with Lauren's bonus lesson materials designed to help you become a better fingerpicker in only 10-weeks

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"I wanted to personally thank you for all your hard work in providing the Fingerpicking Intensive. I feel so fortunate to have gotten into your private class. You definitely provided a thorough, high-quality course with plenty of training videos, audio tracks, supporting PDFs and kind words of encouragement. You did not disappoint!"

Pam Bunce

What's Included In The Program?


  • 10-weeks of LIVE group instruction with Lauren
  • Private Community for Fingerpicking¬†Intensive members only
  • Get your questions answered¬†via the private group
  • Submit recordings to get feedback from Lauren on your playing
  • Apply fingerpicking exercises to songs you know and love with Lauren's help and guidance
  • Get the accountability you need and help with organizing your practice sessions for where you're at
  • Graduate knowing that you have all the tools you need to be successful in continuing your guitar journey

This program is first come first serve.
Only 15 spots left.
The first week of sessions starts on August 28th 7:30pm ET, 2024.

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1 Payment $497 3 Payments of $175

Frequently Asked Questions

No. My Fingerpicking 101 course is not included with this product. If you feel you have a basic understanding of fingerpicking, that is fine. I will mostly be focusing on song techniques in this intensive but will be answering questions on exercises in the course as well.

The Fingerpicking Intensive will be hosted via a 10-week coaching program within Kajabi (my course & coaching software).

Coaching sessions will be scheduled every Wednesday at 7:30pm ET. Go live with me and get specific feedback on YOUR questions and YOUR playing.

How long will sessions last? Sessions will last anywhere from 60-90minutes. I want to make sure I have time to answer questions and provide additional tools for your practice sessions. 

Not only that, but you will also be given access to a private group within my community to interact with me directly. This way I can focus on answering your questions as quickly as possible instead of searching through the crowd of posts.

Students can submit 3 recordings of their playing over the course of 10 weeks.

Your initial recording in week 1 to show where you are starting. Then one more recording every 3 weeks so that I can sit and watch your playing and offer better insights into your playing and issues.

Don't forget, you will also get some time live with Lauren as well to show her your playing.

Fingerpicking 101 was not designed to be covered in 10 weeks. But the great thing about this program is you will get to keep the recordings.

I do not recommend this program for absolute beginners who have never fingerpicked before. This program is designed for students who have at least a basic understanding and control of the fingers.

We will start slow but things will get progressively harder as we move through the materials.

While this program is designed for those working through the Fingerpicking 101 program, I often have many students who have graduated and who go back and start again to hone their skills and work on timing.

Since this course will be focused more on song technique, it makes a great addition to the Fingerpicking 101 course materials.

With so many different schedules and time zones, it might be difficult for some students to attend every session.

If you cannot attend, you can submit your questions ahead of time for me to answer live and watch the replay afterwards.

As usual, I will adjust sessions to try and accommodate various time zones. I will do a poll the first week to see which times/days will work best for students in the group. 


We do have a 3 payment plan option above at $175.00.

"I would absolutely recommend the Fingerpicking Intensive to any player who wants to improve their fingerstyle playing. The weekly accountability, feedback and hands-on approach from Lauren, camaraderie from fellow fingerpicking and a variety of techniques taught made this intensive one of the best guitar courses I've taken. I feel much more confident in my ability and love that I now have the lessons and videos to go back to so that I can continue to improve.""

Donna Mavromates

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