Master the Art of the Blues from Rhythm to Lead Guitar 

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Blues Foundation

Learn the foundation of 12 Bar Blues form and rhythm as well as simple variations that can make your guitar playing come to life.

Cool Grooves

There so much more to Blues than a simple shuffle. Over 30+ examples of grooves and rhythms based around some of your favorites players.

Lead & Soloing

Learn all your need to know about soloing over the Blues to sound like a Pro even if you are just getting started.

Learn all you need to know to start having fun with the Blues with over 50 lessons!

What you'll get:

  • 12 Bar Blues Foundation 
  • MUST KNOW Blues Guitar Chords
  • Essential Blues Guitar Rhythm
  • Beginner Grooves for those not good with Barre Chords
  • Intermediate to Advanced Stylized Grooves
  • Blues Soloing Tips
  • Play Along Practice Tracks
  • Guitar Pro Files
  • Blues Guitar Backing Tracks

You will also get a download PDF file with all the exercises, rhythms and tabs.

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