Learn The "Secrets" To Playing Perfect Barre Chords All Over Your Guitar Fretboard...

Without spending years struggling to get a clean, buzz-free and consistent sound.

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Have You Ever Found Yourself In This Situation?

Every time you try to play a barre chord it sounds muted, buzzed out or just plain awful?

You try to play along to your favorite songs but every time you hit a barre chord you cannot instantly or consistently switch into the chord without the song falling apart?

You secretly wish that you knew how to play chords all over the neck of the guitar without thinking about it?


If any of these sound familiar, chances are you're struggling with your barre chords....

But what if instead of trying to dodge a barre chord every time you see one in a song, you could effortlessly and seamlessly switch in and out of the chord?

What if you knew with 100% certainty that every barre chord you played would come out sounding clean and buzz-free?

And what if you felt comfortable moving your chords all over the neck of the guitar without having to think or second guess yourself?

That's exactly why I created Power & Barre Chord Mastery...

It's the perfect solution to your barre chord troubles.

While not having the strength to play barre chords is a big issue, not having the freedom to play chords all over the neck of the guitar is going to severely limit your guitar playing and your ability to play your favorite songs.

Not being able to play songs you know and love because you cannot change into the chords fast enough is demoralizing.

And hearing the clunking sound of strings instead of the beautiful sound of your guitar is a one-way track towards frustration.

This Program Will Remedy All Of The Problems You Are Having With Your Barre Chords....

So you can finally break through the wall that's been holding you back from progressing and finally be able to play ANY of your favorite songs on the guitar once and for all!

There is no need to struggle with barre chords.

But there are some very specific techniques that I have learned over the years that my students have found invaluable in helping them finally conquer the evil F chord.

By approaching barre chords in the same way you would go to the gym, we can systematically help your hands build strength and get more comfortable with playing barre chords.

But not only that!

We can also develop your skills as a guitar player so that you can actually enjoy playing the guitar instead of dreading every time a song has a abrre chord in it.

Hi, I'm Lauren Bateman!

You and I actually have a lot in common.

We’re both passionate about music and guitar.

We both don’t have a formal music education (mine was in Biology and Archaeology actually).

And I absolutely hated barre chords for a very long time. There's a reason it's called the F chord.

While I have successfully helped thousands of students fix their barre chords over the years, I remember quite clearly how frustrating barre chords were when I was learning guitar.

There were many times I wanted to throw my guitar down in anger. I'm sure there were a couple times I actually did.

When I would look up songs online, I was heartbroken to see a barre chord. Instead of playing the barre chord song, I would move on to something else that I could play without embarrassing myself.

When I became a guitar teacher in 2010, EVERY student whom I taught to play guitar had a problem with barre chords.

Since I come from a science background, I decided to run some "experiments" on my students.

There had to be an easier way to go about learning these awful chords.

I learned that the biggest issues students had were around strength, comfort, finger flexibility and the proper placement of the first finger. 

So I developed a step-by-step method to help students play barre chords well and to be able to play them all over the neck of the guitar.

No more restrictions!

THAT is what's inside my Power & Barre Chord Mastery!

It's the method I use to take students from hating and avoiding barre chords to being able to play them quickly and cleanly in any song they want to play.

What To Expect

  • Lifetime Access to the course with downloadable workbook
  • Exercises dedicated to building hand strength and flexibility and reducing wrist pain
  • Step-by-step video instruction with close-ups of hand positioning
  • Which chords you should learn first
  • The most common chord shapes and a system for practicing and playing chords all over the guitar
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How It Works:

Lifetime Access + Workbook

As soon as you enroll in the course, you will get instant and lifetime access to the course and the downloadable PDF workbook. This means you can watch lessons and learn at your own pace. There is no need to feel rushed or move on to the next lesson or exercises until you are ready. Print out the whole workbook or one exercise at a time to organize your practice time.

Module 1: First Chords & Hand Comfort

When it comes to learning barre chords, building hand strength and comfort are vital. 

The biggest mistake students make when learning barre chords is jumping right into learning barre chords.

Module 1 ensures that you learn chords in the correct order. I will also show you a special spider exercise to help you start stretching your hands for more comfort. You will start learning how to use your fretboard to help navigate between chords all over the guitar neck.

Module 2: Barre Chord Mastery

Once you develop your hand strength and feel comfortable with the barre chord shape, we are going to dive into mastering our barre chords.

I will show you the special finger placement that has helped me and my students whip their guitar chords into shape.

We will work through different exercises and progressions to help you smooth out transitions between chords so you can play any song your heart desires.

What's Included

  • Lifetime Access to the course
  • 18 step-by-step video instructions divided into 2 modules of learning
  • Downloadable PDF workbook with all exercises
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Is This Offer For Me?

This program is FOR YOU if:

  • You have trouble playing clean barre chords anywhere on the guitar
  • You cannot switch quickly and seamlessly between open chords and barre chords
  • You avoid playing certain songs because they have a barre chord in them
  • You are looking for a step-by-step process that will help you solve your barre chord issues once and for all

This program is NOT FOR YOU if:

  • You have not learned your open chords yet (e.g. C, G, Em, D, etc.)
  • You are not yet playing songs on the guitar
  • You are not willing to put in the time required to build the strength and dexterity needed to master barre chords
  • You are looking for a "quick fix" vs a process

Brian Lock

The quality of Lauren’s lessons is so good. You just trust her. And when you do what she says, the next thing you know, you realize, ‘Wow! I can play guitar!’ I found out that my barre finger was in the wrong place. With just one adjustment from Lauren, my barre chords are a struggle no more!

Heather Milburn

I was looking for a structured approach that was delivered in a manner that I could easily follow. My chord transitions are much faster and cleaner, and my finger dexterity and finger strength are also significantly better. Before the course, I could barely put my finger in position to play a barre chord. Now I can play an actual barre chord. I highly recommend Lauren's online courses.

James Prindiville 

I always felt that I couldn’t play full barre chords because of my missing finger tip. But when I saw your video, I grabbed my guitar and gave it a try. Maybe the months of practice have stretched my hand, but I was able to do it. This is very encouraging to me, because I resigned myself into believing that my playing could only go so far. Thanks for the videos and direction.


Like many folks, I wish I had learnt to play guitar many years ago, but I didn't. It wasn't until I discovered Lauren on YouTube that I decided to learn under her tutelage alone. At 73, my guitar journey started. My biggest nemesis in learning was the fact that I couldn't get the hang of barre chords. I looked for workarounds to approximate a note, which was not an ideal situation. Lauren showed me where I needed to move my finger up on the fretboard so that my knuckle wasn't forming a bridge. This resulted in less actual pressure and a much better technique, and 'hey presto!' I'm now able to defeat my nemesis so that my playing of barre chords can be added to my guitar playing toolkit.
- George Best

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